My Katamaran FRITZ THE CAT was abandoned on July 2nd, by her captain, Duncan Thorvald van Donkelaar, 32 miles off the harbor of Cartagena.  No one of the 16 crdb_Fritz the Cat 004ew on board got hurt, most got their luggage, as the coastguard came with the by a tanker saved people  back to the still floating Catamaran to get it. I am sorry, for what happened and want to express this to the victims of this accident. Fritz the Cat was my home for many years, as I do not have a residence on land.  All the safety equipment worked  flawlessly- the 25 persons “WIKING” liferaft, the built in VHF radio to call “Mayday” as well as the handheld one. There were plenty of livejacketts  for everyone on board. I paid the stay of the victims at Mamallena Hostel  of Cartagena until I could see them after I had searched  for the   floating wreck by airplane and boat unsuccessfully. I compensated the KLR bike of 1997 that was fastened on deck with
US$ 7.000.- which was more than the price of it new- as I found out later. Most people that were  present got compensated for their losses, despite before departing San Blas it was made clear that “everything is at Your own risk” as I am not a professional karrier. The captain, Duncan Thorvald van Donkelaar, 40 Years old and very experienced (see his resumee) was trained aboard my ship on 3 crossings- the first one under my command and the following two he acted as captain in my presence- to my full satisfaction. I had no reason not to trust him. The Captain blackmailed me at Cartagena for US$ 7.500.- but did not turn up to collect the money, as the police already waited for him- most probably because he had saved my tablet from board with my email axes, so he read about the trap. He never returned to me  the saved papers and property from aboard as well as the cash flow of the vessel (his payment for the journey  he had received at the start of it in Carti, San Blas) .IMG_1300 later he threatened me by e-mail, that he would beat me up, so” I would spend the rest of my live in a wheelchair”…..shortly after he disappeared to Venezuela, where his girlfriend lives, without  leaving a trace…..
2 days after the Catamaran was abandoned a fellow yachtsman got to the still floating boat and tried to tow it in to the harbor unsucsessfully. They made a lot of photos and video to proof it.
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